The 31 Day Challenge - 29 the supernatural

It’s the beginning of the school year, which means I’m bound for lots of quick, lazy manicures.  I used Big Ruby Nail Tattoos and ILNP polish for something quick and shiny.  

Base:  Butter London, Nail Foundation Basecoat

Main:  ILNP, Nostalgia

Top:  Butter London, Hardwear Topcoat

Things have been hectic lately, but I have still had time to paint my nails something other than just 1 solid color.  Here’s a mani from the last week of school, using some holo studs from Born Pretty.

Base:  Sephora Formula X, Base coat

Accent:  Color Club, Harp On It

Main:  Floss Gloss, Perf

Top:  Sephora Formula X, Top coat

So, Born Pretty has pretty much the worst organization ever.  I have to email them every time, even if I get registered mail, because they never send a notification that something has been sent.  (One time, it hadn’t been sent…)  Does anyone have any stores they recommend other than Born Pretty?

The 31 Day Challenge - 28 a flag

(Don’t worry guys… I was parked when I took this photo.)

For a manicure inspired by a flag, I decided to chose the flag of Nigeria.  There have been a lot of articles lately, regarding 200+ girls that are missing.  The girls were kidnapped from school, by a terrorist group [Boko Haram]; the group claims they are going to sell the girls [human trafficking]. The “Bring Back Our Girls” movement has been campagining to increase public awareness.  It has been nearly a month and the Nigerian government is just now beginning to act, thanks to the social pressure.

If you would like to “do something,” you can sign a petition here:  Amnesty International

It’s a little strange… I received so many compliments on my nails this week, despite it being such a simple design.  (More compliments than I typically receive…) It was a wonderful opportunity to talk about what was happening, but still a bit unusual considering the subdued colors.  

Base:  Butter London, Nail Foundation Basecoat

Accent:  Julep, Myrtle 

Main:  The New Black, Color Barometer - Shimmery Green and Cult Nails, Tempest

Top:  Butter London, Hardwear Topcoat

The 31 Day Challenge - 27 artwork

So I signed up for Julep’s delivery service and was eager to try the colors I received. For this challenge, I had my boyfriend recommend some artists I could try to emulate.  He named a few that had already been done: Pollock, Picasso, Mondrian… then he came to Magritte and I knew he was on to something. My thumbs sure stood out from the rest of my nails like a… well… like a sore thumb.  It was a fun mani while it lasted…

Base:  Butter London, Nail Foundation Basecoat

Accent:  colors by “Julep” & “The New Black”

Top:  Butter London, Hardwear Topcoat

The 31 Day Challenge - 26 a pattern

I did a plaid pattern based on this tutorial.  (Unfortunately when I got to my other hand, I forgot the final line!  Oops!)

Base:  Butter London, Nail Foundation Basecoat

Accent:  Essie Spring 2014 Collection

Top:  Butter London, Hardwear Topcoat

The 31 Day Challenge - 25 fashion

I spent a while looking around for fashion inspiration that was current and I was really coming up short.  I browsed through Jennifer Lawrence’s latest dresses and nothing popped to me.  After a while I was looking through Oscar photos and came across one of my favorite actresses Emma Watson looking stunning in something so simple.  I used red rhinestones for her lipstick, did a half-moon for the neckline, and then grey and black for the dress.  Unfortunately, the glitter topper I picked just did not jive well and so this manicure lasted about 24 hours before I furiously scrubbed it off.  It just didn’t do Ms. Watson justice!  I suppose this is one to try another time…

Base:  Butter London, Nail Foundation Basecoat

Accent:  Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, Gone Grey

Main:  Cult Nails, Nevermore

Top:  Butter London, Hardwear Topcoat

Tried using craft scissors and masking tape to make chevron tape and it just didn’t work out this time… I’ll try again though!  Love the combo of Essie Under Where? and Color Club Eternal Beauty.  

I purchased the Essie Spring Collection, and took a break from my 31 Day list to do a geometric mani.  This mani lasted quite a while and didn’t show wear until about a week in!  Nice job, Essie.

Base:  Butter London, Nail Foundation Basecoat

Main:  Essie Spring Collection 2014

Top:  Butter London, Hardwear Topcoat

The 31 Day Challenge - 24 a book

There were so many options when it came to picking a book to base my manicure on.  After some deliberation, I decided it had been a while since I’d done the “drip” nail art.  Goosebumps would be a 2-for-1.  Book manicure and drip manicure in one!

I decided to use a holo polish, since that was a coveted addition to the Goosebumps covers.  Everyone wanted to check out the book with the holographic detailing!  I took pictures inside and in sunshine, so you all could see the shiny goodness.

Base:  Butter London, Nail Foundation Basecoat

Accent:  Color Club, Eternal Beauty

Main:  Floss Gloss, Con Limon

Top:  Butter London, Hardwear Topcoat

I must have read every one of these, but I looooved the “choose your own adventure” ones.  I’d go through them time and time again, trying to sort out a way that didn’t end in my character’s horrible demise.  What was your favorite Goosebumps book?

The 31 Day Challenge - 23 a movie

Spirited Away is one of my favorite animated movies.  For those of you who don’t know, Hayao Miyazaki  is like Japan’s version of Walt Disney.  His movies are incredibly popular around the globe, and for good reason.  Miyazaki puts incredible detail into the scenery, character costumes, and paints a beautiful story.  Typically his films involve young women overcoming a rite of passage, and being stronger for it when all is said and done.  (Although romance is sometimes a feature, there is none of that wishy-washy wait for your prince nonsense!) 

For the movie manicure, I knew that I wanted to paint soot sprites, from Spirited Away.  (Dedicated fans may feel compelled to mention that they are also briefly in Totoro…) I’ve seen soot sprites painted before, but often times they seem too “nubby” or bumpy… I wanted my sprites to have their shimmery heebie jeebie feel to them.  To accomplish this, I stippled on my black polish with a round brush, then added a bit of a shimmery grey too.  I think the result has that nice sooty, dusty feel!

Base:  Butter London, Nail Foundation Basecoat

Accent:  too many… sorry…

Main:  Base of Cult Nails, Tempest.  Sprites are made using Cult Nails, Never More and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri 41 Gone Grey.

Top:  Butter London, Hardwear Topcoat

What is your favorite Miyazaki film?